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The slim VIP insulated system
easily fits through
every standard lab door

Ultra Low Temperature -86șC Upright Freezers

The Telstar-Aegis Cold Storage Group offers Ultra Low Temperature upright freezers in -86șC temperature configuration.

Internal volumes vary from 445 to 830 liter.

Compared to the traditional freezers Telstar now uses ultra thin Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) to create 30% more storage capacity on the same footprint.

With only 80 mm of insulation this VIP technology will give the best insulating performances.

The combination of low power consumption, lowest noise level and the standard use of ecological, green refrigerants makes it the most environmentally friendly ULT freezer available in the market.

STORAGE SPECS UNIT -86șC U445 -86șC U570 -86șC U830
Capacity Cu Ft / L 15.7 / 445 20.1 / 570 29.3 / 830
Storage Capacity storage Racks 15 20 30
2" cryo boxes 300 400 600
2ml vials 30.000 40.000 60.000
Footprint m2 .56 .68 .93
Vial to footprint vials/m2 53.517 58.823 64.516
External Dimensions: (WxDxH) inches 27.75x35.5x78.25 33.25x35.5x78.25 44.75x35.5x78.25
Technical Specs * model number clarification: Cxxx: C= Chest Type, xxx=liter capacity
Cabinet material internal full 304 stainless steel interior
  external polyester coated exterior
Sample throughputs   2 standard ports (+ 2 pre-cut)
Shelves, inner doors   standard 5 inner doors, 4 shelves
Weight (uncrated/crated) lbs. 595 / 665 646 / 723 776 / 864
Electricity V / Hz -220 - 240V, 60Hz (110V / 60Hz optional)
Temperature range șC -50 up to -86 (factory set point in -80)

  • Ultra Low Temperature -86șC Upright Freezers

  • Internal volumes vary from 445 to 830 liter

  • Standard Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) creating most vials per mČ

  • Large capacity per footprint

  • Standard use of ecological, green refrigerants

  • Both high performance - and energy saving operating mode

  • Flexible sample storage offering 2,3,5 or 6 inner doors (standard 5 inner doors)

  • Standard stainless steel chamber, inner doors and shelves

  • Lowest power consumption

  • Lowest noise level

  • Digital LED display on eye level with graph readout and datalogging

  • Display on eye level control for easy use

  • Self diagnostic control system

  • Password protected menu's on different levels of authorization

  • Power outage alarm with battery backup, ambient temperature alarm, clean filter alarm, door alarm (also for CO2 or LN2 backup system), remote alarm (NO/NC/COM), high/low temperature alarm

  • Voltage indication and stabilization

  • RS485 port for optional data transfer to computer

  • USB port for data collection optional available

  • Standard 2 sample throughputs, 2 extra ports optional available

  • Fast door opening due to standard pressure equalisation port

  • Perfect Fit door sealing system with heated seal to prevent ice forming

  • Slim and compact design fits through a standard lab door

  • Large and easy grip, single hand opening door handle with lock

  • Reversible door hinge system

  • Easy filter cleaning

  • 220-240V, 50 Hz (100V / 60Hz optional)

  • Stem cells storage (research labs / stem cell bank)

  • Virus / bacteria storage (virology / bacteriology)

  • Bone marrow and tissue storage (pathology / surgery)

  • Blood components / red cells (blood banks)

  • DNA, cell lines, enzymes, proteins

  • Academic hospitals

  • Pharmaceutical industry

  • IVF clinics

  • Cancer centers

  • Waterworks

  • Both side opening and sliding shelves storage racks for 2 and 3 inch boxes

  • 2 and 3 inch cardboard boxes with optional 7x7, 8x8, 9x9 or 10x10 dividers

  • 2 and 3 inch polypropylene boxes with 9x9 grid divider

  • Circular, 7 day chart recorder

  • Recorder paper (package with 52 pieces)

  • Ink pens for recorder (package with 6 pieces)

  • CO2 backup system uprights (maintains temperature down to -67șC)

  • LN2 backup system uprights (maintains temperature down to -80șC)

  • Water cooled condenser

  • Factory filled IQ/OQ protocol package

  • Cryo gloves, size medium or large

  • Alarm battery kit for 72 hours

  • UPS power backup kit

  • Software to connect to PC with RS485

  • Wireless Lab Plug In option

  • Independent temperature data logging and alarm with data readout by USB port

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